Local Artists
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Below is a list of local Winnipeg metal bands actively performing in the city.  Be sure to check out their links for bios, performance dates, CD releases, and of course; to hear their music.

If you are a local Winnipeg metal band and are not listed below, be sure to contact us with a request to be added including your name & URL.

Alchemy - www.myspace.com/alchemymetal

Amongst The Filth - www.myspace.com/amongstthefilth

Archagathus - www.myspace.com/archagathus

Black Optic - www.myspace.com/blackoptic

Broken Army - www.myspace.com/broken_army

Burning Black Sky - www.myspace.com/burningblacksky

Cunt Punisher - www.myspace.com/cuntpunisher

Damascus - www.myspace.com/damascus

Dark Destruction - www.myspace.com/darkdestruction

Devoid - www.devoidnoise.com

Discovenant - www.myspace.com/discovenant

Dissolution - www.dissolutionmusic.com

Dreadnaut - www.dreadnaut.com

Dream Quest - www.adventuremetal.com

DRYrun - www.myspace.com/dryrunmetal

Giv'R - www.givr.ca

Grand Master - www.myspace.com/grandmasterband

The Human Condition - www.myspace.com/ihatebarlow

Igor & The Skindiggers - www.myspace.com/igorandtheskindiggers

Johnny Shotgun - www.myspace.com/johnnyshotgunband

Krull - www.myspace.com/krulltheband

Lamentis - www.myspace.com/lamentis

Liqurd - www.myspace.com/liqurd

Lykeum - www.myspace.com/lykeum

Mandatory Death - www.myspace.com/mandatorydeath

Memphisto - www.myspace.com/mephistowinnipeg

Nailbrick - www.myspace.com/nailbrick

Northern Shadows - www.myspace.com/northernshadowsofficial

Port Amoral - www.portamoral.com

Pornocracy - www.pornocracy.ca/

Putrescence - www.putrescence.com

Sirens Psalm - www.myspace.com/sirenspsalm

Sirius Black - www.myspace.com/siriusblackofficial

Sixteen Eyes - www.myspace.com/sixteeneyes

Stillborn - www.myspace.com/stillbornmusic666

Tinnitus - www.myspace.com/tinnitusbandwinnipeg

Tyrants Demise - www.myspace.com/tyrantsdemise

Xplicit - www.xplicitmetal.com


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